Holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has National, State, Professional and Other Holidays. The National Holidays have been established to mark the occasion of events having special historical meaning and influence on development of Kazakhstan.
Celebration of the National Holidays is accompanied by official ceremonies in central and local state organs. The State holidays are devoted to political events and traditionally celebrated by citizens of Kazakhstan. The celebration of State Holidays may accompanied by official ceremonies.
The Professional and Other Holidays do not have status of National or State Holidays.

National Holidays
16 December -Independence Day (16-17 December).

State Holidays
1-2 January - New Year's Day;
8 March - International Women's Day;
22 March - Nauryz Meyramy;
1 May - Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan;
9 May - Victory Day;
31 August - Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
25 October - Republic Day.

Professional and Other Holidays
7 May - Day of the Defender of the Mother Country;
31 May - Day of Memory for Victims of Political Repression;
28 June - Day of the Press;
13 August - Sport's Day;
1 September - Knowledge Day;
22 September - Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan;
15 November - Day of National Currency - the Tenge.

National and State holidays are recognized in accordance with the Labor Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan are days off.
When a Holiday coincides with a week end, the Holiday is observed on next business day.
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