The important role in maintenance of the constitutional legality is played by the Constitutional Council. Its activity – a reliable guarantee of conformity of the Kazakhstan legislation to spirit and the letter of the Main law.
N. Nazarbaev

Finance department

1) Makes the plan of financing under obligations and payments of the Constitutional Council;

2) Represents the accounting reporting to the Ministry of Finance, and also the budgetary application in the Ministry of Economics and budgetary planning for forthcoming year;

3) Rationally and effectively spends budgetary funds according to open limits and their special-purpose designation under the authorized plan of financing under obligations and payments;

4) Charges and pays wages and other payments established by the legislation to structure of the Constitutional Council and employees of the Staff;

5) Submits for consideration Chairman of the offer on financial questions;

6) Participates in development of projects of documents on structure and regular number of the Staff;

7) Carries out other financial powers necessary for functioning of Council, the Republics Kazakhstan’s established by the legislation in the given area;

8) Carries out other assignments of Chairman and the Head of the Staff.