The important role in maintenance of the constitutional legality is played by the Constitutional Council. Its activity – a reliable guarantee of conformity of the Kazakhstan legislation to spirit and the letter of the Main law.
N. Nazarbaev
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Organization and personnel department

1) Organizes interaction of the Constitutional Council with bodies of the constitutional control of foreign countries and the international organizations;

2) Carries out organizational - technical maintenance of sessions of the Constitutional Council and other actions, recording of sessions of the Constitutional Council, duplication and dispatch of the accepted decisions;

3) Provides installation and service of computer and organizational technical equipment, support of an official web-site of the Constitutional Council;

4) Organizes registration of exit documents for foreign business trips of Chairman, members of the Constitutional Council and workers of the Device;

5) Organizes press conferences and interview to Chairman and members of the Constitutional Council;

6) Carries out questions of documenting and management of the documentation of the Constitutional Council;

7) Provides text translation of documents on other languages;

8) Carries out organizational - technical functions on maintenance and service of work of reception of Chairman;

9) Prosecutes subjects of the state purchases;

10) Carries out personnel work according to the current legislation;

11) Is engaged in conducting confidential office-work;

12) Carries out the centralized conducting electronic document circulation;

13) Organizes work of archive;

14) Provides operating repair of premises, furniture and organizational - home appliances;

15) Provides purchase, the account and safety of commodity - material assets of the Constitutional Council;

16) Carries out economic activities;

17) Carries out other assignments of Chairman and the Head of the Staff.