The important role in maintenance of the constitutional legality is played by the Constitutional Council. Its activity – a reliable guarantee of conformity of the Kazakhstan legislation to spirit and the letter of the Main law.
N. Nazarbaev
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Department of legal experts

1) Carries out legal examination of normative legal acts, the international contracts being or able to become a subject of the constitutional manufacture;

2) Carries out legal examination of normative legal acts and the international contracts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on conformity to their Organic law, prepares on its results of the conclusion addressed to Chairman under its assignment or the initiative of a department by way of the information for internal using;

3) Represents interests of the Constitutional Council in court and other state bodies;

4) Carries out the quarterly control over execution of decisions of the Constitutional Council with preparation of the information addressed to Chairman;

5) Carries out the legal analysis of the arrived projects of normative legal acts with preparation of the conclusion of a department;

6) On the basis of inquiry of information materials from the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the National center under human rights of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other state bodies carries out the semi-annual review about a condition of the constitutional legality in the Republic and prepares on its results for the analytical information;

7) Monthly in writing informs Chairman on a condition of legislative process in Parliament;

8) Provides Chairman, members of the Constitutional Council and the Head of the Staff with the information, help and other materials necessary for realization of their activity;

9) Carries out check for conformity to the legislation of projects of the civil-law contracts concluded by the Constitutional Council;

10) Carries out preparation for the edition of periodic releases of «the Bulletin of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan»;

11) Organizes updating information fund of the Constitutional Council by means of a subscription to periodicals, purchases of scientific, help and other literature, carries out library service of members of the Constitutional Council and workers of the Staff;

12) Carries out preparation of analytical materials on behalf of Chairman, members of the Constitutional Council - lecturers on consideration of references and the Head of the Staff;

13) Carries out connection with the central state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with bodies of the constitutional control of foreign countries and the international organizations;

14) Carries out other assignments of Chairman and the Head of the Staff, carrying legal character.