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February 7, 2008. Astana. By the constitutional Council are reconsidered and cancelled the decision from February 15, 2002 № 1 and the additional decision to it from April 12, 2002 № 1/2.

The constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan to manufacture representation Kapshagay city court of Almaty area about a recognition unconstitutional parts of first and fourth clause 361 of the Criminal code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing the criminal liability for fulfillment of the act group mutilation condemned, contained in the establishments providing isolation from a society with a view of destabilization of normal activity of these establishments or hindrance of their lawful activity, entered Law RК «About modification and additions in some acts of Republic Kazakhstan on questions of criminal - executive system» from March, 26, 2007 on February, 6, 2008 is accepted.

The constitutional Сouncil has excited manufacture on revision of the decision from February 15th, 2002 № 1 «About official interpretation of item 2 of clause 13 and item 1 of clause 75 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan», concerning activity of the arbitration courts, in connection with modification and additions in the Constitution of the Republic.

February 4, 2008. Almaty. The member of the Constitutional Council Kazakhstan Belorukov N.V. has taken part in work of a round table: "Questions of ratification of the Second optional protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights and cancellings of a death penalty in the Republic of Kazakhstan".

January 15, 2008. Astana Representatives of the Republican Center on the accelerated training to a state language in solemn conditions have handed over to employees of the Staff of the Constitutional Council certificates on the termination of rates of studying of a state language.


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