Constitutional Council
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
«The important role in maintenance of the constitutional legality is played by the Constitutional Council.
Its activity – a reliable guarantee of conformity of the Kazakhstan legislation to spirit and the letter of the Main law.»
N. Nazarbaev
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On March 2, 2012 the session of the Constitutional Council on taking over to proceeding the appeal of the Prime-Minister of the Republic K.Massimov of official interpretation of number of articles of the Constitution on the question of counting the constitutional terms. The date of consideration of the appeal will be announced additionally.

27 February, 2012. The member of the Constitutional Council  A.Zhailganova  took part in the work of the round table “On the way of constructing the effective protection of childhood in Kazakhstan”. The event is organized by Ombudsman in the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with  UNICEF.
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February 18-24, 2012. The Chairperson of the Constitutional Council I.Rogov and the head of legal expertise department  B.Nurmukhanov among the delegation of Kazakhstan paid a  work visit to Berlin, where the questions of  a new Penal code concept  elaboration were discussed.
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January 13, 2012.The Chairperson of the Constitutional Council I.Rogov met the representatives of missions of international observers, monitoring the early elections of Mazhilis deputies of the fifth convocation and elections of the deputies of maslihats of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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11 January, 2012. On January 06, 2011 Constitutional Council passed the supplementary resolution on the application of the Central electoral commission “Of interpretation of the resolution of Constitutional Council of April 2004 № 5 “Of checking the Constitutional law “Of making amendments and additions into the Constitutional law “Of lections in the Republic of Kazakhstan” to its compliance with Constitution concerning the possibility of conducting elections to representative bodies of the Republic in Zhanaozen (Mangystau oblast) that is in state of emergency.


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